Helping To Prevent Yard Infestations

The CDC as well as other knowledgeable parties advise that the prevalence of tick-borne diseases is increasing. Also on the increase is lyme disease. Subsequently, the CDC has listed a number of steps that should be taken to stem this tide and encourage a slide. Also advised to residential property owners and commercial business and property owners is to make full use of professional tick control services new london opportunities.

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In order to create what is known as a tick-free zone, the CDC advises the following steps. At this stage, it is commonly understood that the regular removal of trash from yards should be taking place. Alongside of that regular removal, the removal of old furniture and mattresses has been encouraged. The reason for this is that ticks will use such objects for hiding. What also needs to be borne in mind is the potential for rodent infestations.

To this end, the CDC advises that if wood is being kept on the premises it should be neatly stacked in a dry area. This practice will discourage rodents from invading said premises. Residential properties, in particular, should be up to date with its regular garden maintenance. Primary tasks will include the regular mowing of lawns, as well as clearing tall grass and brush around properties and along the edges of lawns.

A three-foot wide barrier of wood chips or gravel can be placed between lawns and wooded areas. This will help to restrict tick migration into recreational areas of the properties. Also, decks, patios and playground equipment should be kept away from yard edges and trees. Furthermore, where it is applicable to do so, unwelcome animals should be discouraged from entering yard areas. This can be done by simply constructing fences.

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